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Ambulatory Service and 24 Hour Emergency Care

Our regular office hours are 8am to 4pm, Monday to Friday but we offer 24 hour emergency care, 7 days a week. Our affiliation with Helen Woodward Animal Center allows us to admit your horse to their hospital for round the clock care.


Lameness Diagnosis and Treatment

Our primary specialty at ABJ Equine is the diagnosis and treatment of lameness. Our diagnostic approach consists of a progressive evaluation that includes palpation, joint flexion, nerve and joint blocks. We also offer digital radiographs and ultrasound for more complex cases. There are several new and exciting treatments for lameness that include: routine Legend and Adequan shots, shockwave therapy, intra-articular joint injections, IRAP treatments (interleukin receptor antagonist protein), PRP treatments (platelet rich plasma), and Tildren treatments (both IV and Distal Limb Profusion).


Digital Radiology

We offer digital radiographs, the newest and best method of obtaining x-rays in the horse. The primary advantage of DR is that it allows us to immediately view and verify the radiographs at the time of the exam. We can then confer with you onsite and immediately choose a course of action to treat your horse’s lameness.


Diagnostic Ultrasound

We are proud to offer diagnostic ultrasound, the “gold standard” in the evaluation of tendon and ligament injuries in the horse. It is most helpful in imaging soft tissues and fluid filled structures where radiographs cAnneot produce a conclusive diagnosis. It can also be used to diagnose pregnancy in mares and internal medicine problems by imaging organs and soft tissues in the body cavity. In the photo to the right Anne is using ultrasoound to guide an SI joint injection!

  • Tendon and ligament injuries
  • Abdominal review (heart, liver, etc.)
  • Breeding and reproductive imaging (diagnosing pregnancy and artificial insemination)
  • Lung imaging

Lithotripsy or “Shockwave” Treatments

One of our most effective treatments for chronic lameness is shockwave therapy. Lithotripsy It is a cutting edge treatment in the horse industry that is used to treat various conditions causing lameness. Shockwave therapy is a non-invasive treatment that does not require general anesthesia. There are few, if any, known side effects. The regimen usually consists of a series of 3 treatments each lasting about 10-20 minutes.


Stem Cell Therapy

We now offer veterinary medicine’s newest technology in treating lameness, Vet-Stem. Stem cells can be used to treat many chronic conditions that do not respond well to traditional treatments. Stem cells work by adhering to injured tissue and stimulating local signaling factors to promote healing in the injured site. Typically stem cells are used to treat:

  • Osteoarthritis and Degenerative Joint Disease (DJD)
  • Suspensory ligament and tendon injuries
  • OCD and subchondral bone cysts
  • Cartilage damage
  • Fracture repair

Stem cells are harvested from the adipose tissue of your horse, processed and injected into the injured site within 48-72 hours. Once injected, clinical improvement is generally seen within 14 days from the initial treatment. Often one treatment is enough and the results are dramatic. If you think your horse may be a candidate for stem cell therapy, check out the Vet-Stem website to learn more.



At ABJ Equine, we believe proper dentistry is essential to your horse’s general health. Routine dental floats every six months to a year will greatly improve your horse’s quality of life and longevity. We work closely with dental specialists from Long and Heers Advanced Equine Dentistry,to provide our clients with the best possible dental care. The practice is based out of Las Vegas, Nevada but they make regular trips to our area.

For more information or to make an appointment call Joy at (702) 768-7309.

Long and Heers Advanced Equine Dentistry

P.O. Box 777001, Henderson NV 89077
(702) 768-7309


Pre-Purchase Exams

We also offer pre-purchase exams for clients who are looking to buy a new us if you would like to schedule a pre-purchase.


Equine Health

We provide services to meet all your horse’s general health and reproductive needs. At ABJ Equine we emphasize preventative health measures to keep your horse at peak health. This includes general deworming and vaccinations and other routine healthcare procedures. In addition to Digital Radiology and Ultrasound, we offer a variety of other diagnostics to monitor your horse’s health. The most commonly performed tests include complete blood work up (including specific viral and metabolic panels) endocrine and allergy profiles, biopsy, histopathology, and pathogen culture.

If you are traveling across state lines with your horse, we can provide you with the proper documentation. Simply schedule a vet exam to obtain your Health Certificate and Coggins Test.



We also offer pre-breeding consultations, uterine cultures and biopsies, artificial insemination, reproductive ultrasound, pregnancy exams, and post-natal care for your mare and her foal.



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