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The following links are to nutritional supplements we frequently recommend that our clients add to their horse's diet as part of our preventative health initiative.

Platinum Performance
Strongid C2X

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Helen Woodward Animal Hospital
Pfizer Preventicare
Magic Cushion
Solitude IGR


At ABJ Equine, we believe proper dentistry is essential to your horse’s general health.  Routine dental floats every six months to a year will greatly improve your horse’s quality of life and longevity.  We work closely with dental specialists from Long and Heers Advanced Equine Dentistry, to provide our clients with the best possible dental care.  The practice is based out of Las Vegas, Nevada but they make regular trips to our area.

For more information or to make an appointment call Joy at (702) 768-7309.

Long and Heers Advanced Equine Dentistry
P.O. Box 777001
Henderson NV 89077
(702) 768-7309


We strongly recommend all horse owners consider purchasing equine insurance.  This guarantees services can be rendered for emergencies and chronic illness.  Equine insurance offers peace of mind for horse owners because it allows us to provide the best medical care possible.  Often the cost of these state of the art diagnostics and procedures can be costly when paying out of pocket.

There are many insurance companies that will accommodate you and your needs.  Some of the insurance brokers we commonly work with include:

Cunningham & Cunningham Live Stock, Inc
Phone: 845.782.9110
Fax: 845.782.9103

Markel Insurance Company



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