In an Emergency


Contact ABJ Equine if your horse exhibits any of the following:...more.

Contact ABJ Equine IMMEDIATELY..

..if your horse exhibits any of the following:

Temperature greater than 102ºF
Diminshed gut sounds
Increased heart rate
Abnormal swelling
Colic Pain (pawing, kicking or biting abdomen, rolling, repeatedly lying down and getting up, lip curling, sitting like a dog, generally violent behavior)
Lack of Appetite
Putting head down as if to drink but NOT drinking
Recumbancy (horse cAnneot get up )
Acute heat in the hoof o an unwillingness to stand on front feet


* Normal Vital Signs:
Temperature 99-100.5 Degrees Farenheit
Pulse: 24-40 beats per minute at rest (varies with exercise, pain, illness,  etc)
Respiration: 12-24 breaths per minute (at rest, also varies)
Capillary Refill Time (CRT): Less than 2 seconds
---To perform this test, press on gums with your finger.  Color should return in less than 2 seconds.  Mucous membranes should be pink in
Gut Sounds should be heard on a regular basis (you can listen to your horse’s gut sounds by putting your ear or a stethoscope on his abdomen)

First Aid Kit

You can purchase any of these items and more from ABJ Equine for your first aid kit.
Your kit should contain the following:

Rectal thermometer
Flashlight (with spare batteries)
Watch with a second hand
Scissors (bandage and small sharp)
Latex gloves
Vetwrap (2 rolls)
Roll Gauze/Gauze Kling Wrap
Permanent Marker
Sheet Cotton
Adhesive Tape
Leg Wraps
Surgical scrub (Chlorohexadine or Betadine scrub)
Antiseptic Solution (Chlorohexadine or Betadine solution)
Telfa pads
Bute and/or Banamine Paste
Biozide gel
4x4 Gauze sponges


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